Very grateful for the subliminal messages about anxiety! Since I started listening to them, I feel much more relaxed and secure. Already I use every opportunity to let them / even in the car while I’m in traffic /. And in combination with affirmations, the effect is fantastic. I am very pleased with the result!

RL From Varna


Huge gratitude to all subliminalni audio albums that I listened and periodically add new ones to the previous ones, according to your instructions. I noticed how gradually limiting me think declined , began to overpower depressed mood and thinking more positively, as even my sense of inferiority throws you with a significant. Thank you from the heart!

CH From Plovdiv


 “Thank you for the opportunity to listen to audio album you to deal with stress. I noticed that he no longer worried as before and I feel more relaxed and calmly greet situations of stress.”

Ip from Sofia



        Thanks for record “Have anxiety and stress gradually disappear”! I listened to him and I think it affected me reassuring! Currently studying Psychology and your interest was rather dictated by this point. Thank you again!


“I suffer from high anxiety and usually at night I can not sleep an hour thinking about everything I’m going to change that need to predpiema how this will affect my relationship, my education, my future plans … But surprisingly after listening several already doing successfully times and seemed to melt worries me …. and easily fall asleep. Continue listening with joy will take subliminalni and other audio recordings. with great gratitude! “

BS from Varna


“Thanks for sent audio album. A bit prejudiced in early and doing a personal experiment, but I was pleasantly surprised. The effect of subconscious learning subliminalni affirmations proved that it works as a placebo, but have to want saotvtetnite changes consciously make efforts in this direction. I feel more confident and has already managed to ostsoyavam yourself to others successfully afterwards- several weeks of listening to audio album. “

IG from Plovdiv


“It is convenient to listen to at times when you’re busy with other deysnosti. 

After a few days I realized that the situation in our home discharge and voltage little by little relaxed. 

We bought a package of six different types and I can say that in each category see the progress in me and my little girl. We listened to it every day for about 30 days.

Currently we are open to each other and otkiriti. Thanks. “


“The effect of listening to subliminalniya album to manage emotions was incredibly fast. From sharvoto listening and more after each subsequent felt that fills me calm and I managed not only to be more conscious in otnoeshnie their feelings, but to them express more confidence and make them more efficient kontroiiliram .. thank you heartily and definitely will continue to listen and other subliminal album because it really work quickly and very easily. “

EB from Varna


“Thanks for podaznatelniya album against stress and anxiety.

Music and audio voice are extremely nice, make me relax and

forget about stressful situations. I feel more relaxed and tension

I had gone for a moment. I feel like I can do everything so far I adjournments due

някакви оправдания или мненията на хората около мен. Определено въздейства и променя нагласата ми към по-добро.”

Д.Б от Казанлък


„Слушам от два месеца редовно записа за подсилване на имунната система и това ми се отразява доста благоприятно – чувствам, че организмът ми е по-устойчив в сравнение с преди. От около месец слушам също така записите „Против стрес и тревоги“ и „Мотивация за тренировка“ и се чувствам по-спокойна, усещам, че имам контрол над стресиращите събития в ежедневието си и ходя с желание на фитнес курса си два пъти седмично. Също така се чувствам по-енергична. Доволна съм от ефекта на подсъзнателните утвърждения и с удоволствие ще продължавам да се наслаждавам на ползите от тях в бъдеще.”

А. Д. от Пловдив